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Wool Insulation
Sheep wool is a natural by product of all sheep herds. Each spring the flock get their summer haircut and we get their winter insulation to use in your home. Using wool to insulate your home reduces landfills, your homes embedded energy and lowers your utility bills. 

Pro-Earth Builders only uses feed grade DE (Diatomaceous Eearth) to treat the insulation. Using our in-house developed two stage proses with an site combing to maximize the insulation's effectiveness. Wool insulation has extremely low temperature conductivity. Compared to other common insulation see below.

Conductivity in Watts per meter Kelvin (w/mK)
Lower value is the better insulation.

Sheep Wool 0.039 W/mK
Glass Wool 0.044 W/mK
Mineral (Rock) Wool 0.042 W/mK

Standard 6" wall on the stud will have a value of R6 and with a single bat glass wool in the center of the bat R18, Mineral wool at the center of the bat R22 and natural wool R25. We install the natural wool in loose form so it fills every nook and cranny for maximum effect.

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